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PIC Studio


Silicon Photonics Design Automation

From Devices to Systems

Streamlines design processes by integrating schematic entry, physical implementation, and signoff verification.

What’s PIC Studio?

It offers best-in-class photonic layout, circuit
simulation, and co-simulation capabilities to empower first-time PIC design success.

Why PIC Studio?

Powerful Design
and Simulation

Our tools empower engineers to develop next-generation technologies for data centers, telecommunications, and sensing applications.

Unique Schematic-Driven Layout for Efficient Design

Our unique method simplifies complex layouts, enabling faster and more efficient simulation and verification.

Accelerate Development with EDA Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of tools including research & development services and foundry process design kits (PDKs).

Image by Umberto

Begin Your Design Journey with PIC Studio Today!

Unlock Photonic Innovation with PIC Studio's FREE Trial. Our best-in-class photonic layout, circuit simulation, and co-simulation will empower you to succeed.

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