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PIC Studio

Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) design and simulation

From schematic to layout implementation and signoff

PhotoCAD/Advanced SDL/pSim/pSim Plus

Latitude Design Systems - PIC Studio 

PIC Studio is an integrated design environment for photonic ICs that enables seamless flows from
schematic to layout implementation and signoff. It offers best-in-class photonic layout, circuit
simulation, and co-simulation capabilities to empower first-time PIC design success.

PIC Studio Flow_202404.jpg

PhotoCAD – Layout Tool 

  • Python3 Scripting Environment

  • Component/Circuit layout drawing without misalignment in complex connection scenarios

  • Generate layout 10 times faster than similar software

  • Intelligent auto-route Support

  • Waveguide transition conversion 

  • Simulation for the definition of layout devices and layout support

  • Electronic Metal Link Support

  • Electronic/Photonic Integration Support 

  • Generic PDK Example


pSim – Circuit Simulation

  • PIC Circuit Simulator

  • Multimode, Bidirectional, and Multichannel PICs

  • Frequency and Time Domain

  • Electronic/Photonic Signal Processing

  • Electronic/Photonic Oscilloscopes, Meters, and Spectrum Analyzers

  • Eye Diagram Analyzer

  • Python3 Support

  • Open link to 3rd party spice simulator for transistor-level circuit

pSim Plus.jpg

pSim Plus – System Level Simulation

  • Multiple link types such as single mode, multimode, BER\DSP encoding/decoding, TDECQ support.

  • Compared to pSim, enhanced support for DSP algorithms and system-level link simulation requirements such as coherent or long-haul fiber optic transmission

Advanced SDL.jpg

Advanced SDL – Schematic Driven Layout 

  • Python Layout Script Generation

  • Human Readable

  • Script Displayed 3-in-1 GUI

  • Front-end/Back-end Simulation Support

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