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What’s new in PADS Professional release VX.2.12

The new VX.2.12 release of PADS Professional has improvements across the following areas:

  • Array placement

  • MCAD collaborator

  • Physical reuse

  • Improved differential pair stability while moving complex vias

  • High speed routing and design

  • Performance

  • General improvements

  • PADS Professional cloud ecosystem applications

Array placement

We have made some design creation improvements that affect predictability such as the new array component property, and we have improved focus handling when switching between schematic editor and the properties window.

MCAD collaborator

Now you can include full variant definition in baselines and proposals to enable further integration with NX and Teamcenter when variants exist. All components defined within a variant are included in baselines and proposals, including components not yet placed on the PCB and the variant location in Teamcenter is included in baselines and proposals when the design is Teamcenter-managed.

Export actual stack-up layer names to enable downstream tools to accurately reflect design composition by utilizing the same stack-up naming as seen within Xpedition.

Physical reuse

We have continued to improve the user experience and efficiency when using physical reuse. You can now create new physical reuse from applicable objects, leaving ineligible objects selected, which improves the creation process when reuse contains a large set of selected items. Previously, ineligible objects would cause the creation process to fail, and all items would be unselected.

Delete physical reuse (a circuit on disk) in a design if there are no reuse instances present, which allows for easy cleanup of Reuse Sources that are no longer needed in the design. Also, propagate Pin/Via Thermal Overrides from reuse.

Improved differential pair stability while moving complex vias

Experience improved design efficiency when using via stitching with differential pairs. We have enhanced the algorithm to optionally, only stitch one side of the diff-pair trace for increased performance, which improves the results of the via pattern, especially when using stacked vias.

The interactive command still shows the full outline but stitches only on the selected side. The start and end point must be selected on the same side of the trace by the user.

These enhancements decrease design time.

High speed routing

We have improved the user experience for interactively editing traces or groups of traces that have previously established patterns, such as accordions, or need tuning adjustments. This means we have improved manipulation of tuning patterns for consistent selection of full tuning patterns for easy editing.

You can move multiple traces while maintaining their current spacing and experience improved selection and graphical feedback allow predictable behavior.

Performance improvements

To maximize designer productivity, we have reduced design load and save times. Load times are up to 16% on the designs in our large design performance test suite and there has been up to a 75% improvement on time spent saving Design Data to disk (Outgassing).

General improvements

Improved user experience while using interactive and automatic routing features reduces likelihood for Plow to remove Traces when routing from trace hangers. There is also improved Z-Axis DRC during routing. Improved manufacturability by creating teardrops in a higher percentage of target locations.

PADS Professional cloud ecosystem applications

All PADS Professional cloud apps are Multi-Tenant. Administrators assign user licenses in the Admin Console and new cloud subscriptions in same organization can be added to the existing Enterprise Cloud Account (ECA).

New in the Connect app for PADS Professional, users now have more options for managing different versions of their designs.

There are two new options next to each entry in the drop-down menu. The first is the ability to restore a design to the latest version and the second is the ability to remove a version.

PADS Professional release VX.2.12

Overall VX.2.12 delivers considerable value across PADS Professional. Download the release today.

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