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OnScale Solve

結合有限元素分析 (FEM) 模擬及雲端高效能運算 (HPC)

OnScale Multiphysics FEA software removes traditional engineering simulation software restrictions providing accurate and timely results in major engineering applications.


Easily analyze large Microelectromechanical Systems, drastically reduce the requirements for physical fabrications and drive down development costs.


Investigate ultrasonic measurement systems and analyze for optimal performance.


Infrastructure Safety (NDE/NDT)

Simulate complex microelectromechanical systems devices with integrated electrical components to drive improved performance.


Rapidly accelerate the development of next-generation diagnostic probes, improve treatment planning techniques, and pioneer innovative transduction devices.

RF filters.jpg

Greatly reduce time to market for the next generation of RF filters. Virtually prototype piezoelectric filters in full 3D, explore new designs quickly and avoid expensive physical prototyping.

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