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MEMS Pro is a flexible, powerful, easy-to-use CAD tool suite for the design and analysis
of  MEMS and other types of sensors and actuators. It offers an integrated solution for the design process that shortens development time while providing designers reliable analysis for manufacture.


System-level Tools

MEMS Pro provides system-level design capability through fully hierarchical schematic capture and behavioral level simulation of MEMS devices with electronics and packaging.

MEMS devices are represented with multi-physics signals in mechanical, thermal, magnetic, fluidic, optical, and electro-static domains. MEMS models are represented in high level behavioral languages such as Verilog-A, SPICE, C-code, or data tables.

SoftMEMS Modeling Tools.jpg

Modeling Tools

Compact Model Builder automatically generates behavioral models ready for system simulation with electronics and packaging from 3D data from finite element analysis programs. Complex, finite element models involving a large number of degrees of freedom are reduced to behavioral models with a few master degrees of freedom.

Layout Editing

MEMS Pro’s physical design environment includes a fully hierarchical and full custom mask editor engineered for MEMS and IC design.
The program uses an intuitive interface and provides specific MEMS-related capabilities that greatly reduce layout time.

SoftMEMS Layout editing.jpg
SoftMEMS 3D Modeler.jpg

3D Solid Modeler

Creates a 3D view of a MEMS device from the device layout and fabrication process description. An easy to use GUI permits designers to enter fabrication process steps and sequences.

Surface and bulk micromachining process steps such as material deposit, etch, mechanical polish, diffusion, growth, electroplating and wafer manipulation steps are supported. 

SoftMEMS Cross-section.jpg

Cross Section Viewer

Displays a cutaway view in the z-dimension based on a user-specified cut line. Model displays may be animated to show process sequences. Material properties and boundary conditions may be defined and can be transferred along with the 3D model to third party 3D analysis programs for further simulation.

SoftMEMS Foundry Modules.jpg

Foundry Modules

Enable targeting of specific process technologies and provide process-specific device intellectual property. A variety of foundry-specific modules are fully integrated with SoftMEMS’ tool suites to ensure process compatibility and manufacturability with the world’s leading MEMS foundries.

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