Mentor/Lumerical Real world design flow for real world designs with CompoundTek

Updated: Apr 24, 2020


CompoundTek, Mentor and Lumerical present their seamless integrated design flow that equips you with what you need for your next real-world tape-out.

CompoundTek will introduce its world-class foundry services and silicon photonics PDK featuring a full suite of active and passive devices. Mentor and Lumerical will then demonstrate the PDK centered design flow, by taking a PAM-4 circuit from layout to simulation. Mentor will demonstrate its photonics implementation solutions including Tanner L-Edit Photonics and LightSuite Photonic Compiler. Lumerical will show how you can launch the PAM-4 circuit simulation in INTERCONNECT directly from Tanner L-Edit Photonics. The circuit is reproduced in INTERCONNECT with the CompoundTek compact model library (CML) and can be analyzed with both the frequency and time-domain simulations. Finally, physical verification of the circuit is demonstrated with Calibre DRC.

What You Will Learn

CompoundTek, Mentor and Lumerical’s partnership that equips you with what you need for your next real world silicon photonics tape-out.

CompoundTek’s foundry solutions and services, including their PDK with a full suite of active and passive devices.

Lumerical’s photonic simulation software and ecosystem enablement, including support of compact model libraries for circuit-level simulation and integrated design flows.

Mentor’s photonics implementation solution including Tanner L-Edit Photonics and LightSuite Photonic Compiler.

Who Should Attend

Design engineers

PDK engineers


Master/Ph.D. students


Products Covered

Tanner Calibre One Verification Suite

Tanner L-Edit Photonics

Tanner L-Edit IC Layout


Lester Cheung is a senior manager of engineering at CompoundTek. He has over 18 years of experience in semiconductors and EDA experience especially in physical verification. Since joining CompoundTek, he has been deeply involved in expanding CompoundTek's EPDA ecosystem and continues to work closely with Mentor and Lumerical in enhancing customer experience and enabling customer tapeout success. 

Dr. Ellen Schelew

Dr. Ellen Schelew is an Applications Engineer at Lumerical Inc. Her focus is on developing compact model libraries of foundry photonic integrated circuit components. She holds a PhD in Physics from the University of British Columbia.

Alan Sherman

Alan Sherman is the Photonics Product Specialist for Mentor Graphics IC Design Systems division. He has over 20 years of EDA experience in custom IC design. Alan is located in Wilsonville, Oregon, United States.

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